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Why Medicines Have Crazy Names or Weird Names

A brand name is very important for the identification of a manufactured pharma product. If the medicines don’t have any name on them then it will be very challenging for all of us to know about the attribute of the product. But still, sometimes we wonder that medicines can have simple and easy names. Well, they cannot be because there are multiple factors behind it. Read this blog to know Why Medicines Have Crazy Names or Weird Names.

Why Medicines Have Crazy Names or Weird Names

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There are lots of restrictions imposed on how medicines are named and they vary from country to country. There are several drugs available in the market and to avoid medical errors, they are named as per some rules and regulations. Every product has so many substitutes available in the market and this can create confusion among the sellers and purchasers. The naming process of medicines has been a very slow movement.

Well, Every Marketed Drug has three names i.e chemical name, generic name, and brand name. The chemical name of the medicine is decided based on its chemical structure of the drug which is mostly used by the researchers. It is very intricate to memorize and pronounce such a longish name. To make it a little easy and simple to remember, the physicians and pharmacists used the generic name of the drugs.

Why can’t be these drugs named as just any other thing?

There are lots of restrictions imposed on how medicines are named and they vary from country to country.One can call Active ingredients such as Supercool Medicine. It is easy and simple to remember. Well, there are some rules and regulations which are made by the U.S Adopted Names Council.

Rules for the Naming Procedure of the Medicines

  • “Prefixes that mean ‘better,’ ‘newer,’ or ‘more effective;’ prefixes that evoke the name of the sponsor, dosage form, duration of action, or rate of drug release should not be used.”
  • “Prefixes that refer to an anatomical connotation or medical condition are not acceptable.”
  • Certain letters or sets of letters also aren’t allowed at the beginning of new generic names. These include mestrx, and z.

Every drug name has two major parts. The back half of the pharma product (drug) is the same for all types of drugs in a specific category in which they fall. For example – -oxetine for a class of antidepressants, such as fluoxetine (Prozac)

  • -sartan for a class of blood-pressure-lowering drugs, such as losartan (Cozaar)
  • -afil for a class of drugs used for erectile dysfunction, such as sildenafil (Viagra)
  • -lukast for a class of anti-asthma drugs, such as montelukast (Singulair)

Wondering From Where These Suffixes Come From?

It is based on the full chemical name but sometimes they are based on particular descriptive terms. If your company is the first one in the market to come with a new formulation of the drug then you may get the chance to set the whole pattern that others have to follow.

As to the prefix (what comes before the suffix to identify the individual drug), you can mold it in your own way whatever you want to make- subject to the USANC’s rules and approval. And then it’s just up to the clinical trials to show it’s effective… and to doctors, patients, and marketing departments to make it a successful one or failure one. But if it is, you can bet everyone will call it by the brand name anyway.


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