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Meczole Tablets


Meczole Tablets

A Combination of Albendazole & Ivermectin

Biotic healthcare provides Meczole tablets consisting of  albendazole & ivermectin ingredients. This combination of components is effective in the treatment of intestinal or parasitic worm infections. It mainly helps in killing or stopping in the continuity of threadlike worms that induce lymphatic filariasis.

Intestinal worm infections are mainly related to childhood health problems that cause inadequate nutrition in the children. The children with such infections are more likely to have shorter height & weight as compared to healthy children who are not infected. In such cases,  Meczole tablets play a great role and help in improving efficacy & nutritional benefits.

In this combination of components,  Albendazole offers deworming treatment (flatworms, tapeworm, nematodes, myiasis, etc.) and also effective in other conditions such as  filariasis, giardiasis, hydatid disease, trichuriasis, neurocysticercosis, pinworm disease, and ascariasis. Albendazole also comes under WHO’s list of essential drugs required in a basic human health system.

Ivermectin comes under a class of medicines known as anthelmintics. It is also preferred to treat infections based on parasitic roundworms like head lice and scabies. This anti-parasitic drug performs its action by paralyzing and causing the death of parasites. Ivermectin medication can also be used in a case to control onchocerciasis (river blindness; a type of infection associated with the type of roundworm that may induce rash, bumps under the skin, and vision related issues covering vision loss or blindness).

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