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Coronavirus Precautions for Those With Lung Disease

In comparison to a previous virus outbreak, the COVID-19 is considered one of the most dangerous pandemics.The symptoms of COVID-19 and its respiratory illness which includes common cold and flu are quite similar. Maintain distance from the people has a cough or running nose. People with old age and having lung disease should take precautions more seriously than others.

Coronavirus Precautions for Those With Lung Disease

Why COVID-19 is Dangerous For Lung Infected Patients?

People who are suffering from lung disease have a higher risk of coronavirus. The coronavirus affects the respiratory system. It means that it will more damage their lungs and it would become harder to fight off against an infection. According to the meta-analysis of seven studies, the researchers find out that the patients who are suffering from lung disease have more chances to develop severe coronavirus infections.

Coronavirus Precautions for Those With Lung Disease

Take Some Extra Precautions to Battle Against the COVID-19

If you are also suffering from slung diseases then it is advisable to continue your treatment normally during the crash of coronavirus too. Take your medicines as the doctor prescribed you. In case, you are having any symptoms of coronavirus then visit your doctor as early as possible. Take all the below provided precautions very seriously to avoid coming in contact with the coronavirus.

  1. Don’t go outside unnecessarily, if it is not required.
  2. All the medical care facilities and essential medicines are provided at your doorstep by the government.
  3. In case you have to go out than stay at least 6 meters away from others.
  4. Wash your hands frequently and if you have visited any public place then wash your hands with soap and warm water for more than 20 seconds.
  5. Sanitize yourself to eradicate the contaminated particles.
  6. Connect with your doctor to get your regular health updates.
  7. Eat healthy and green meals more to make your immune system more strong and healthy.
  8. Go for the home delivery option rather than going outside.
  9. Avoid physical contact with everybody such as a handshake, hug, etc
  10. If people require external home help or healthcare visits, ensure these individuals are taking all necessary hygiene precautions.
  11. Clean and disinfect surfaces that people touch frequently, such as door handles, countertops, and bathroom surfaces. To sanitize them from time to time.
  12. Avoid touching the face with unwashed hands frequently.
  13. Whenever you do cough and sneezes with a tissue or elbow, then discard tissues straightaway.

Affect of Coronavirus on the Human Body and its Various Body Parts

The coronavirus mostly affect the respiratory system of a human body. The respiratory system of the human body allows the body to breathe. If the respiratory system gets damage then it can affect the other parts too such as lungs. The coronavirus mainly infects the lining of the throat, airways and lungs. In the early stage the patient may feel difficulty in breathing, as it started damage the lungs. It will affect the functioning of your body and lowers your immune power.

What One Should Do After the Positive Test?

Patient who are suffering from lung infections tested positive for coronavirus then they need to follow the instructions to shield themselves and their family members from the spread of coronavirus. Contact the doctor immediately and follow their advise steps. If one is having mild symptoms then he may be able to treat at his own home in self isolation. It will stop the spread of virus and also protect your family members. If the one is living with his family then self isolate yourself in a specific room. Perform all these activities under the instruction of the doctor.

There is a higher risk for all lung infected patients. This is because  the already damaging lungs can worsen their respiratory system. Take extra precautions to prevent themselves from contracting with coronavirus. It is mandatory to stay home if you care about your lives. Follow the safety guidelines seriously and take care of yourself. Till now there is no vaccine available so it is very hard to say when things will get normal. In case of any health issue just call your doctor and visit them to seek medical care to cure the problem as soon as possible.


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