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Continuing Medical Education Program (CME) by Biotic Healthcare

Continuing Medical Education Program (CME) by Biotic Healthcare

To cultivate the awareness about uses of antibiotics, steroids and health checkups a Continuing Medical Education (CME) on Misuse of Antibiotics, Overuse of Steroids and Why preventive health check is must in today’s scenario? This CME was conducted on Doctor’s Day i.e. on July 1, 2019, organized by Biotic Healthcare the leading provider of quality Pharmaceutical Products. This CME was attended by almost 40 doctors of Guru Nanak Dev Super Specialty Hospital.

These doctors shed light on the history of Antibiotic, how antibiotic impact patients and doctors, Apart from this, the CME elucidated on how steroids work in the body, how do steroids work anti-inflammatory, steroids side effects, how do anabolic steroids misuse affect behavior, etc. For preventive health check, the major emphasis was given on its importance.

The objective of the Continuing Medical Education Program (CME) by Biotic Healthcare

The objective of this CME was too enlightened delegates on Misuse of Antibiotics. As per the WHO estimation, more than 50% antibiotics in numbers of countries are used inappropriately. It has been observed that broad-spectrum antibiotics or Second-line are mostly overprescribed with no clear indications which result in the spread of antibiotic resistance. The objective was to improve antibiotic prescribing in order to enhance public health efforts.

In terms of talking about the overuse of Steroids, goal was to reduce the use of any kind of steroids for a quick fix. Steroids are excessively used by healthcare professionals, practitioners and quacks as an alternative medicine because of their quick response to treatment. However, its harmful side effects are mostly overlooked by many an underlying disease process is still present. One of the most harmful facts about steroid is that the patient starts depending on it and becomes immunocompromised.

Lastly, in the session about Why preventive health check is must in today’s scenario? The objective was to make delegates understand that prevention is better than cure. No one is completely immune to diseases and aliment, anything can happen anytime. With the help of preventive health checkup, health crises can be prevented. The major goal of preventive health check-up is to detect whether one is at risk of terminal diseases at an early stage, and intervene with the prevention, thereby minimizing risk factors.

Doctors widely praised the quality of medicine available with Biotic Healthcare and its patient-centric approach. Biotic Healthcare brings the cutting edge solution through its broad product range for many health issues. Quality and innovation go hand in hand at Biotic Healthcare and thus, trusted by doctors all over the country.


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