Growth of Medical Tourism in India

December 12 , 2018

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Growth of Medical Tourism in India

Despite of India’s image as a country of overpopulated cities, India has built a strong reputation for its medical tourism. All over the world, patients prefer to visit India for its affordable but high-quality medical & health care services. Medical costs & other basic living expenses in the USA and other western countries are on a rising pedestal and give a reason for India to stay on the ascending curve of medical tourism.

The growth of the Indian medical tourism industry is projected to target $6 billion (around Rs.36, 000 Crore) by the end of 2018 (Source: However, it is also estimated that the Indian medical tourism market will become more than double in size from current USD 3 billion to approximately USD 8 billion by the year 2020 (Source:

Indian medical & healthcare industry is armed with best-certified doctors and specialists who are serving a lot of patients, especially from the foreign countries for all kinds of medical & health related diseases. Low & affordable cost of Indian medical treatment as compared to other countries - is the main reason behind this expansion. Thus, one can’t only save the money, but also attain the medical treatment within their budget along with both high & effective results.

When it comes to Indian healthcare facilities, India comes with hundreds of famous multispecialty, & reliable hospitals dealing in different medical sectors like cancer, dental, heart, etc, and these hospitals encapsulate Asia Referral Hospital (Bengaluru), Fortis Hospital (Delhi), Tata Memorial Hospital (Mumbai), Kovai Medical Center & Hospital (Coimbatore), Apollo Hospitals (Chennai), Columbia Lilavati Hospital (Delhi), and many others. All the famous Indian hospitals are spread out across 25 Indian cities & have maintained a very good record in the healthcare industry along with advanced & updated medical equipment for medical tourists.

On the other hand, there are many attractive tourist spots in India to visit before/after medical treatment & they help in better-promoting health and well-being by means of physical & psychological activities. With all these benefits, cost, professionals, best hospitality & tourist spots, particularly, make India the best place for medical tourism worldwide.

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